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Voice your soul.
Soul your voice.

Intuitive vocal coaching

I’m teaching singing and voice in my own intuitive style. I combine methods from the academic world with intuitive understanding and learning, where the goal is to raise and strengthen the student’s own inner connection.

Intuitive vocal lessons

Your starting level when signing up for classes can be anything from beginner to professional. Singing always starts from where you are, and leads its own unique route to where you are willing to go.

My coaching is based on these elements:
  • Inner body-mind-soul connection
  • Natural, primitive vocal muscles

    and their
  • Intuitive action = singing and heart talk

I guide intuitive meditations and voice yoga to open the body-mind-soul connection. When the connection is open, it is easier to practice vocal techniques. With a Zen-like approach, we approach the anatomy of singing in your body, which you need for healthy and beautiful voice production.
The cause of the problems is usually that the natural muscles involved in voice production are not active, do not work correctly, or even the wrong, unnecessary muscles are involved in the voice. This causes various problems and difficulty in singing.

When done right, singing feels as free as breathing.

And this experience is what I want to give to my students.

Finding the right muscles requires concentration, and that’s why the ability to be quiet inside is of the utmost importance, so that we can listen to the body’s subtle sensations and learn from them.
Voice exercises are versatile and activate the healthy voice production.

The songs we sing are songs from different genres according to your own interests, as well as intuitive improvisation for different backing tracks.
I use intuition to choose songs for you that serve your development as a singer. Each song is like a different path that you learn something new from. Improvisation develops your ability to create your own path as a singer, as well as courage as a person.

I also mention emotional work as part of learning of singing. An emotional connection is needed for authentic performance and genuine heart-to-heart singing, and that’s why, as a singing teacher, I also want to offer tools for its development.

If you need help with speaking etc. non musical context, intuitive vocalization is right for you. In this case, we focus on the themes like voice quality & intensity, as well as problems such as the inability to shout or whisper and various hoarseness problems. If you are not sure if I can help you with your problem, send me a message and I will be happy to answer.
In this case, we keep everything else in the intuitive vocal coaching, but we change the singing to voice exercises that strengthen the voice in daily life. Heart speech, i.e. speaking from the heart, is also activated when the intuitive voice finds its way through you.

Available via Zoom as an online coaching.

Lessons are usually held on Monday-Thursday evenings between 16:00 and 20:00 European time (UTC+2)

Price list:
  • Single lesson 50min 50€
  • Introduction appointment (for new customers) 30min 25€

Coaching packages for weekly lessons:

  • 4x50min 180€
    á 45€
    validity period 6 weeks
  • 8x50min 340€
    á 42,5€
    validity period 12 weeks
  • 16x50min 600€
    á 37,5€
    validity period 6 months

Cancellation terms:
Free cancellation 24h before appointment, in other cases the full price will be charged without a medical certificate.
Longer absences like sick leaves and holidays will be agreed separately by extending the coaching package expire date.

appointment booking for introduction & single lessons

Intuitive coaching & healing

Vocal coaching & energy healing session 120min

During this two-hour session, you will receive coaching and healing energy treatment for your voice. At the beginning, we get to know your individual voice and its development points, after which I guide intuitive voice exercises that expand and open your voice. After the training, you can relax on the treatment bed, where I will give you a healing energy treatment. The treatment strengthens new connections in your body-mind-soul connection, which we just activated during our intuitive vocal coaching.

120min 100€

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