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Upcoming events:

Chakra voice course 17.3.-4.5.2023 (7 x)

7 Chakra’s voice course at Ehea Voice’s studio in the center of Oulu. We release the chakras and the voice flowing through them with intuitive exercises. It’s suitable even if you don’t have experience working with your voice before. Intuitive voice exercises are based on voice energy, and from each chakra you will get a exercise for the rest of your life, which you can use later to open/balance the chakras. As the chakras open and our voice flows purely through them, creativity will release and our whole being is empowered and balanced.

Course sessions: (at 17:30-18:30/19:00)
17.3., 24.3., 31.3., 14.4., 21.4., 28.4. & 4.5.

Price €140 (Pilot price)

COMING: Intuitive singing summer courses

More information coming…

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