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“What is a teacher? I’ll tell you: it isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows.” 
– Paulo Coelho, The Witch of Portobello

Hi! I’m Ehea, an intuitive singer and voice healer.

The most important mission in my life is to share the power of intuitive voice with everyone who can benefit from it. I’ve always been interested in singing and learning from it, but after combining intuition with my work, I feel that I’ve found something really significant.

Voice & intuition have gone hand in hand for centuries, but unfortunately modern people know very little about it today.

We humans have always been able to sing, intuitively and learned. It is a built-in skill that can be awakened if approached correctly.

And I want to awaken this ability in you.

As a guide on your journey to the voice power

My path have gone through music schools since I was a child. I started playing the violin at the age of 8 and from there the journey continued to become a professional singer at Conservatory and finally to studies at a University of Applied Sciences, majoring in singing teacher studies.
All of this has been beneficial, but I feel that my true potential in music, as a singer and teacher would have been wasted if I had not experienced an awakening to the spiritual path. I had just started my studies as a vocal teacher at the University when it was time for me to start getting to know this world of energy and spirits.

Clairvoyant, shaman, witch?

My singing teacher at the time took me with her to a psychic event. Since that event, faith in spirits and the invisible world began to return with a bang.

I was never so-called believer or a spiritual person and I never believed in anything ”supernatural”. However, this sign of the invisible world at the psychic session made my head turn. That was the beginning of my journey as a student in the energy world.

This happened in 2019, and since then it has happened a lot.
I studied to become a yoga instructor, and during an intensive yoga practice, the energy channels in me burst open. I remember when, at the end of one exercise, my palms seemed to ”catch fire” and I felt a compelling need to put my hands above my training partner. Later it turned out that it was the activation of my healing hands.

I am really grateful for how I have found people around me, from whom I have received a lot of valuable information and lessons about energy healing and clairvoyance. I can open and close channels as I need them, and I know how to be hygienic with energies.

How does the voice heal?

There is a lot of literature and even research on the healing power of voice & sound, and briefly I want to explain this healing power at the energy/atomic-quantum level. We are all energy, constantly vibrating as tiny atoms and particles. Sound is also energy and has a profound effect on us (note: also all sounds, be careful where you spend your time in the sound environment). So you can heal with sound, but not just any sound can heal either. For that we need intuition.

When I started doing energy treatments, I noticed that the most natural way for me to channel is the voice. I can suddenly feel a strong need to release a certain frequency as sound to, for example, a client’s sore leg, and when I release the sound, I notice that this area visibly relaxes. This is what I call sound resonance healing.

Another way level up is intuitive singing. The human body (and all levels of it) are a complex system, and several different frequencies are needed to treat one system. Together, these frequencies become a song.

Channeling a healing song is often accompanied by the light language, which is the language of the soul. It is not understandable by the mind, but our heart understands every word of it. It is an ancient language and a center through which we can get an enormous amount of information in the soul level.

The third, and perhaps also the most important way to heal, is the voice production itself. Voicing and singing.

Intuitive voice

I have been teaching singing lessons since 2018 and I have been studying singing myself for much longer than that. Even before my spiritual awakening, I began to pay close attention to one thing; to how our mind is connected to our voice.
Nowadays, I understand more about the effect of the mechanism, and it is that the mind-body connections mirror each other, and the sound is at the center of it. The throat, where our sound production device is, is even located between the head and the rest of the body.

While teaching singing, I began to notice in the students how apparently shy people began to change in their basic nature when they got access to big sounds and loud volume with their voices. Similarly, those who always went into overdrive at the beginning of class and couldn’t calm down, found calmness in their being when we practiced vocal softness. This caught my attention and I felt that I had noticed something really important.

I also became a part of these mind-body-voice examples myself, and I want to share it with you here:

I had wanted to learn the distortion technique for a long time, because when I was a teenager I was a fan of these raspy voices, and I couldn’t pass up learning this technique that I admired.

With several singing teachers, we learned and practiced the technique; I got probably all possible information and training from the CVT-trained very skilled teachers on how to produce this kind of rock distortion in a healthy and safe way. I tried everything, but there were no results. The effect hurt in my throat and it just couldn’t find the right place in my body. I haven’t had similar problems with any other technology.

Time passed and we tried the distortion effect with the teachers at regular times. At the same time, life began to whisper to me one essential thing; after all, I hadn’t faced the feeling of anger in my body! And anger is an essential emotion related to the distortion sound. Whether you think about wild animals or any other animals, they make the distortion voice when they are angry.

Along the way, I got some good tools for releasing anger and other emotions, and one of them stood out for me. It was the Ecstatic Dance. Ecstatic dance is free movement dance where you move and dance as you want while the music is playing, and it is a space where you are encouraged to face and release the emotions buried inside of you.

Then at some Thursday evening at the dances it happened – anger erupted from me. I felt a force that surged up and out of my body. It was anger and aggression, pushed there for a long time. I started breathing heavily and spinning in circles at the same time. I decided that now I will allow this feeling to erupt, and I will not block it. First I started chirping, then growling and finally roaring and growling at the top of my lungs on the dance floor. My voice definitely had all possible rock techniques: distortion, growl, creak, rattle and grunt (in CVT terms). I felt so relieved and liberated when the anger was released.

I was finally free to feel anger. And I soon noticed that my voice had expanded as well.

The next time I tried (with exactly the same instructions as I practiced before) the distortion technique, the distortion I had longed for came. It just came, so easily and effortlessly! The distortion effect came through my body. I was wondering what had just happened! I couldn’t associate it with anything other than an outburst on the dance floor. Soon I was singing the song ”Alive” along with the radio with distortion.


This is my example of how by releasing emotions, the body allows the voice to expand.


I am a teacher who wants you to succeed, and a healer who rejoices in your mistakes. I hope that in the services of Ehea Voice you feel safe, supported and cared for. I’m here for you, and I look forward to meeting you. Every student and patient also teaches me, intuitively and sometimes also theoretically. I am always ready to develop and expand when needed.

My birth name is Emma. In my free time, I love walking in the nature with my man, riding horses, hanging out with friends and taking care of my body.
I am a social introvert and enjoy being with people and alone.
I’m always at my best in one-on-one meetings.

Customer feedback

”Thank you for teaching me! The lessons have been very helpful because you are such a good teacher👍🏻 You can find solutions to problems very quickly and there are versatile exercises. I would love to continue with you in the fall, if possible😊”

”Emma has a really special way of healing, I’ve never experienced anything like it! And ah, what a voice and how she uses it❤️ during the one-hour treatment, we cleared several of my traumatic past lives and I was much relaxed.”

”I went to Emma’s treatment, where I practiced using my voice, and then after it, Emma did energy healing for me. Emma is a wonderful person, I felt welcome in the treatment and was able to relax well. Voice work with Emma was fun and I got voice exercises for homework. I use my voice a lot at work and with the exercises my voice has become stronger and I don’t get tired as easily during the working day. In energy healing, I was able to face and heal deep childhood wounds, and even though the topic was sensitive for me, I felt safe the whole time. After the treatment, I felt stronger and could see things more clearly. I can warmly recommend Emma’s treatment to everyone💖”

”The grounding and wholesome energy of Mother Earth embraced and empowered me while repairing the wounds. I felt as if I was on a time trip to North America to a Native American drum and song circle, where my soul was nurtured with primitive, magically beautiful music into a meditative state where it was possible to balance the imbalances of the chakras. At the end, I received a message that really struck a chord with me. In the final stage, many blockages were cleared through tears, and when they dissolved, a liberated joy erupted with the power of laughter. The state of being after the treatment is largely peace, joy and certainty that everything is exactly as it should be.”

”Your treatment was really powerful. I quickly got into a state of deep relaxation, and the concept of time disappeared. I felt that I was heard and seen, which is really important to me. In the treatment, exactly the things that resonated deeply in me came up, and I felt the energy flows strongly. In particular, her way of treating also physically, as well as through the wonderful intuitive singing and light language, it was impressive and deeply healing. I will definitely come back to your treatment and to your medicine. 💖”

”Thank you for today’s voice healing session, it was a crazy journey and I probably cried half the time ❤😅 The power, love, warmth, beauty and everything else wonderful that you channeled to us was something absolutely amazing and I felt deep down in my cells, as if Mother God was in that voice ❤ Thank you thank you thank you ❤”

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